Hi! World.

As like site title, my name is Berk Özerk. I'm a young architect who believes that architecture is not just building design, it is creativity habit and capability to manage the creation process until let the creation free. Therefore, besides the architecture, you (the visitor) will also encounter videos, tracks, graphics, and essays.

As a brief history, I was born in 94 at Balikesir/Turkey as a child of architect parents. Since then I'm obsessed with creating, so to say. I got my bachelor's degree in architecture from IKU. Which have a good education especially about architectural competitions. I believe Ayhan Usta had a big share of this. While still, I was an undergraduate student, I contribute to events and get an active role in the Chamber of Architects Istanbul Branch. City Dreams Atelier at there was a milestone for my understanding of city rights and practice. From here, thanks to everyone at events but especially to Mücalla & Cansu Yapici for their vision and self-devotion.

The second milestone about understanding was while working at Mercek Mimarlik, which is a firm mainly focus interior and furniture design, this era also came across with taken economy classes from another university. Thanks to that, I got a chance to practice economics on creative workers and production tools.

The last stones so far were sat down while taking classes at METU. Through the class Socio-Cultural Themes in Urban Architecture by Cânâ Bilsel, I believe the relation of architecture and social science well welded in the mind. Finally, with the class Politics and Space by Güven Arif Sargin, architecture began to make sense. I owe them a great debt of gratitude for accept me to their classes.

To reach the detailed Curriculum Vitae or Timeline, you may click underlines. Enjoy the site.